“Hello world!”

October 4, 2015 2:13 pm  /  Playground  /  , , ,

Oh, the first blog post. What a worry. In order to post something special, the time passes and nothing seems special or even good enough to be posted. Therefore, I decided to keep things simple and that its better to start with something than to wait for that grand idea and never to start in the end. So, I imagined this blog as a mixture of photos of some of my new and older works, working phases, drawings, sketches or ideas… I would like to introduce you to my creative process and to my works.

So, for starters, here is one sketch of mine named “OUROBOROS”.


Ouroboros (the snake devouring itself, eating its own tail) is what I implement as a main idea in this sketch. Referring to some of my previous works, I replaced the snake with obese and anorexic body forms, thus  trying to symbolise this constant juggling between extremes. These forms are swallowing and vomiting one another in a circular passage of time. They are constantly recreating themselves.

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